Throughout this course we are going to focus on 5 key elements of using Tailwind:

✔ How to use board lists for pinning your own content

✔ What is batch pinning and how to use it

✔ How to use Content Discovery

✔ How to effectively utilize the Tribes feature

✔ How to read and understand Tailwind analytics

How to Master Tailwind is a course designed to teach you how to use Tailwind, a Pinterest scheduling tool, effectively so you can spend less time scheduling your pins on Pinterest and more time working on your business.

The course is designed for all levels of Tailwind and Pinterest experience. For bloggers, B2B and B2C marketers.

All I can say is .... WORTH EVERY PENNY! I learned quite a few things and I'm thrilled I went ahead with my gut instinct and bought the course!

There's a lot of valuable information packed into these short videos! I have several pages of notes. This may have been a relatively small investment, but it will maximize my efforts with Tailwind, making that tool even more valuable!

A little while ago I completed your Master Tailwind course. I was hesitant to take it because I've been using Tailwind for over a year but I learned so much! My pinning time has decreased greatly, but numbers (repins) have been steadily going up! I used to get about 600 repins a week - now I'm up to over 2500 a week!

Your Instructors

Simple Pin Media
Simple Pin Media

Kate Ahl is the owner of Simple Pin Media, a Pinterest management company, that helps bloggers and businesses use Pinterest to boost their business. We aim to teach simple, actionable tips that help you market your business using Pinterest without following crazy rabbit trails.

Course Curriculum

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days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll


"I’ve tried over the past year to find a way to pin with Tailwind quickly and easily and I’ve found it thanks to your course! Yes, there are a lot of free resources, and I’ve watched them all, but it’s the little tips shared that made a big difference. It’s the small little tips that make it worth purchasing. I was familiar with most of the features you shared in the videos but it’s the little things that made the difference for me to feel confident in fully switching to Tailwind for pinning. Thanks!"

"How to Master Tailwind was clear and the perfect amount of time for each topic. It was easy to complete in a short amount of time, which when you are talking about a time saving program like Tailwind, is a must!"

"How to Master Tailwind was amazing! I feel like I have more insight into Tailwind. The videos are clear, easy to understand, and simple. Thanks so much!"

"As a Tailwind newbie, I found How to Master Tailwind very easy to follow and understand. Loved all the great tips!"

"I have been waiting for your Tailwind course to come out so I can figure out Tailwind and it was SO worth it! I scheduled over 300 pins in less than 15 minutes. Half were my best pins and the other half were other peoples content. "